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Herbal Paws

Cozy Mattress Style Pet Bed

Cozy Mattress Style Pet Bed

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Introducing our Plush Pet Bed with Neck Support, the ultimate in comfort for dogs and cats. It's soft, cozy, and has a neck pillow for extra comfort. With a non-slip base, it stays in place during playtime. Suitable for all pet sizes, it's easy to clean with a removable, washable cover. Give your pet the best rest with our versatile and luxurious pet bed.



Size  Length x Width  Weight lb 
XS     13.8" x 19.7”       Up to 11lb 
S        15.8”  x 23.6       Up to 22lb 
M     16.54” x 29.5”     Up to 44lb
L       27.6” x 39.4        Up to 55lb
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